Pallavicini, _Fencing Illustrated_, Pt. 2!

Christopher A. Holzman’s latest translation, Part 2 of Pallavinci’s Fencing Illustrated (1673), is now out!

Pallavinci is best read with Part 1 which Chris translated two years ago and which is also available via Lulu Press. Of the two sections Part 1 is better written, but despite its difficult prose Part 2 includes material that is valuable and that will be of interest to anyone interested in off-hand options for rapier. Some material, such as Pallavicini’s inclusion of rapier and dagger and rapier and cloak will not surprise, but he also covers what may be some of the latest if not the last looks at sword and buckler and the use of the rotella.

Here is the link:

The Second Part of Fencing Illustrated

For many fencers interested in the Italian iterations of both buckler and rotella what first comes to mind is the collection of works by masters of the 16th cen. “Dardi School,” treatises written by the likes of Marozzo (1536), Viggiani (1575), and dall’Agocchie (1575), not a master active in late 17th century Palermo. This increases the importance of Pallavicini’s work. It is, among other things, likely a window into not only other late instances of shield use in Europe (such as the use of bucklers in a naval context by the Maltese), but also will provide vital comparisons to other buckler systems. Students of the Walpurgis Ms. (Ms. I 33) will no doubt find some fascinating comparisons, but so too will devotees of Georgian Lashkroba and Parikaoaba.

Like the first volume, The Second Part of Fencing Illustrated is available in both hardcover (US $34.94) and softcover ($24.50). There are likely to be some Cyber-Monday discounts on the Lulu site, but the book is available now if you can’t wait.

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