For Current Students

Individual Lessons:

  • until further notice all lessons are individual
  • lessons run 30 min. to 1 hr.
  • lessons take place outside, masked, and as conditions with the pandemic allow
  • payment: cash, venmo, paypal, or in trade (in the past I’ve taught lessons for books, home-brew, etc.)–call or email for rates
  • location: Sept. 2021 ff--most lessons are held Sundays at PCC Newberg. The area with a roof is small, but ample against harder rain; there is seating available too for parents/spectators
  • time: individual lesson times are scheduled ahead of class with Jim; when possible, and students overlap, we will have small group sessions; depending on how many of us there are some students will drill while taking turns in individual lessons

Group Dues [on hold as of Sept. 2021]

This link will access paypal in order to pay dues. NB: this rate will change depending on attendance. In your payment please add the following note: “For CVDA rent.”


Pay Structure:

Individual Lessons:

Anyone interested in individual instruction should contact us directly. Fees for lessons vary by time (30 min to 2 hrs), but allowances are made for economic disparities too. We have payment plans for those who need them, and have sometimes bartered lessons in exchange for help cleaning gear, for books, and similar trades.