For Current Students


As of September 2022 group meets will be the usual method of instruction. This is a difficult choice, despite the benefits that come with group classes, but necessary in light of the demands of my other responsibilities. My day job is connected to battling the pandemic and managing movement of the booster is keeping things extremely busy.

TYPICAL Sunday SCHEDULE (for current students–please contact SdTS if interested):

  • Smallsword
  • Foil/Spada
  • Sabre*

*As of January 2023 SdTS will not be enrolling new sabre students

Individual Lessons:

At present I have limited time to run individual lessons. This said, I like to meet new students one on one first, in part to assess them if they’re experienced, and in part because most students feel less pressure without an audience, especially if they are new or younger. In some cases, I will travel to a person’s house or some location in between, especially if they have difficulty or responsibilities that make it too difficult to meet Sundays.

  • lessons run 30 min. to 1 hr.
  • lessons take place outside at PCC, indoors at the Fernwood Grange
  • payment: cash, venmo, paypal, or in trade (in the past I’ve taught lessons for books, home-brew, fresh produce, etc.)–call or email for rates

Location: we meet Sundays at the Fernwood Grange when it is available. This means that we often meet out of doors. Normally this is area parks, but there is extremely little cover.

Our “home” for three years, the PCC satellite in Newberg, has had a change of leadership, and with it, attitude…, so we are no longer meeting there. This has proved a bigger blow than even I anticipated, but I’m doing what I can to make things work. While I have and continue to work in the rain, etc., not everyone is so keen; fencing, after all, tends to be an indoor pursuit and with good reason. Our kit is not waterproof. WHEN the weather is poor I will email those enrolled about lesson or class location.

IF interested, or if you wish to know where we’ll be a specific week, please contact us.

Parents are always welcome to stay and watch.

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