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Autumn 2020

Now that the fires have left my immediate area and the smoke has cleared we can once again train outside. Individual lessons remain the safest way to navigate the ongoing saga of the pandemic, so for now we will not be meeting as a group. For those interested who have not yet scheduled lesson times, contact me so we can arrange that. Also, keep drilling!

Individual Lessons & Covid 19

As of late June/Early July SdTS is offering individual lessons again. These have changed in light of the pandemic, and it’s important students be aware of how these changes will affect the nature of the lessons and their training. As of June 28th there is increasingly more evidence that face-masks help reduce particulate in the air, a major vector by which Covid-19 spreads.

In light of the science the instructor and students are required to wear face-masks. All lessons, for the time being anyway, will be held outside. The first half of the lesson will consist of exercises run in tandem, e.g. student and instructor both perform molinelli, footwork drills, etc. but at an acceptable distance (6-10ft away from one another). Much of the focus in the coming weeks will be on the advanced target, so wrist and arm. There is historical precedent for this, but it will also help maintain a healthy distance.

Please contact us with any concerns or questions!

SdTS, as of June, 2020

Despite some of the changes in the county we remain more or less in quarantine. First, the rise in cases is a cause for pause, but also our host, CVDA, is not yet completely open for business. I’m working on starting individual lessons again for advanced students, but the beginners’ class will have to wait until we no longer need to distance ourselves as much or find alternative methods to teach. 

Hang in there, drill, and read!

Quarantine & Training

All practices at CVDA, Chehalem Aquatic Center, and at various locations for individual lessons are on hold at the moment as we wrestle with Covid-19. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better, and the best thing we can do is stay at home and help prevent the spread of the illness. 

I’m happy to discuss solo practice drills, answer questions, or ruminate on the future of our program, so feel free to contact me.

Stay healthy


SdtS Practices in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Our hosts, Chehalem Valley Dance Academy, are closed for the Quarantine and naturally this affects our practices too. Individual lessons will continue as people are comfortable, but though late to do so the national movement to stop the spread of this latest bug is wise and NO one should feel pressure to show. In the meantime, students should read (I’m happy to give you a list 😉 ), practice their footwork, and make their molinelli a daily practice.

Introduction to Historical Fencing (Adult class)

March 7th, at 11am, the first class of the five week long Intro to Fencing I (for adults, 16 yrs +), begins! No experience necessary, any level of fitness fine–the focus is on learning and fun. There are a few spots left for those interested. All gear provided.

Register at: https://apm.activecommunities.com/cprd/Home


New Classes via CPRD! [Feb. & March 2020]

The next session of Youth Fencing I starts Feb. 18th at the Aquatic Center (via Chehalem Parks and Rec). This is a class for kids 9-15; we meet Tues and Thurs at 530, for five weeks.

For those kids who have taken this class at least once, a new class, Youth Fencing II, will start Feb. 18th and meet directly after YF 1 (so 630).

Lastly, thanks to inquiries from adults we’ve added an introductory class for adults that will meet Saturdays at 11, starting March 7th. Space is limited so if you’re interested, contact CPRD soon (at least check they hadn’t added the class yet, but it should be up shortly).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Introduction to Youth Fencing (Jan-Feb 2020)

Tuesday, Jan. 14th, at Chehalem Parks and Rec’s Aquatic Center. There is limited space in this class Women+Fencersdesigned for children 10-15. A second session begins February 18th.

This class introduces children to fundamental movement, basic technique in foil, and a quick look at spada/epee and sabre.

For more information, visit:

Coming up in 2020!

August:     Minneapolis, MN, USA

I’ll be teaching a class entitled “Radaellian Molinelli for the Non-Radaellian Fencer, A Primer” at SABR – Sabre And Broadsword Retreat, a two-day event covering various aspects of sabre and broadsword.

October:     Prague, Czech Republic

K.u.K. Military Fencing TournamentK.u.K. Military Fencing Tournament: sponsored by the Barbasetti Military Sabre School and Ars Dimicatoria School of Historical Fencing; I’ve been invited to teach a class about Italian sabre, and–injuries permitting–participating in the tournament half as well.

Description from the fb page of one of the organizers, Michael Knazko:

“K.u.K. Military Fencing Tournament, Prague 2020, an annual event dedicated to fencing with weapons taught at the K.u.K. Theresian Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt – foil, sabre, bayonet – continues the tradition of eleven succesive Austro-Hungarian army fencing tournaments „K.u.K. Armee Fechtturnier“ which were held alternatively in Wien and Budapest in the years 1898 to 1914. The first „K.u.K. Armee Fechtturnier“ held in 1898 was part of the jubilee celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the accession of the Emperor and King Franz Josef I to the throne.”


Coming in November!

2019-07-26_19-43-34Introduction to Bayonet Fencing, at Sala delle Tre Spade, CVDA; days/times TBA. This class introduces the basics of fencing with the bayonet as practiced in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Covering bayonet attacks, bayonet fencing, and bayonet vs. sabre, students will gain an appreciation for this unique form of combat and how it relates to more traditional fencing. [There was more interest in smallsword, so I’ve pushed this back]

GirardexThe Smallsword of PJF Girard (Sept./Oct. 2019)

In the last weekend of September we’ll begin examining the Traité des armes (1740) of Sir Pierre Jacques Francois Girard. Smallsword is one of the weapons we dabble in and with new people and new interest, seems a fitting time to dive in and see how it differs from its more familiar descendants like foil and epee.

Introduction to Historical Fencing (Oct. 2019)

Talking with the fine folk of High Desert Armizare about Italian sabre

I’ll be teaching a four week introductory course on traditional Italian fencing for some middle-schoolers at Trackers Forest School in Portland [https://trackerspdx.com/forest-school].

In keeping with their theme we’ll be meeting at a park for practice–hoping the weather will hold out!


CPRD Intro to Fencing (Sept./Oct.; 2nd Session Nov./Dec.)

second cropped 2
Foil, where we start

Introduction to Fencing (Foil), via Chehalem Parks & Rec., Chehalem Aquatic & Fitness Center ( 1802 Haworth Ave., Newberg, OR 97132 ); for ages 10-15, gear provided.

The second session of this six week class begins Nov. 5th. It meets twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, into December. An introduction to fencing and foil, traditionally the weapon students start with, this class will cover a little history, safety, basic rules, and fundamentals of movement, offense, and defense.

Here is the link:

Cf: https://www.cprdnewberg.org/general/page/fitness-center-programs

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