Our Sister School & Other Affiliates

Our Sister School

One of the best aspects of fencing is the friends we make along the way. Michael Kňažko, an instructor at Barbasetti Military Sabre since 1895, in Prague, Czechia, is not only a fencer in the same tradition in which I work, but also an instructor with a similar outlook and goals. Situated as they are in central Europe Barbasetti Military Sabre since 1895 is well-placed to reach a wide and diverse audience. Their program is classical and historical, but they work with everyone, Olympic fencers, thespians, and HEMA. Their signature event, SabreSlash, brings all these people together for two days of skill-based learning, bouting, and great fun. Please check them out and if you are in the Czech Republic or close by, pay them a visit!


Capitale Escrime is the brainchild of Joshua Baker. In 2022, he started taking small sword lessons with Jim, and, was instrumental in boosting enrollment in Jim’s adult fencing class at The Aquatic Center/CPRD. Traveling twice a week, a 45 min. drive each way, Joshua and several friends he convinced to make the trip, became the backbone of the CPRD program.

In an effort to get more fencing time in, Joshua and several other members of CEHF decided to put together a local, Salem group to train.

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