First Day 5-19-19


First Day at CVDA:

Our first meeting in the new space will be Sunday, May 19th, 11am. We are not an open sala, so if you are interested please contact Jim Emmons (cf. our contact form on this website). Fencers already enrolled, please remember to send Jim your contact information (preferred phone, email address).

Remember to bring a pair of shoes with you, a pair you’ve not worn on the street–we’re excited by the partnership with CVDA and want to keep the studio clean and the dancers happy! See you then!

Rule-Set/ROW Seminar:

In anticipation of our 2nd Annual Sabre Invitational (June 9th), we will use the second practice (5-26-19) as a review of the rule-set and how we are implementing ROW (“right of way”). This is a rule-set we devised for classical/historical fencing and makes use of ROW a bit differently than our Olympic colleagues.

If you are competing, then you are also a judge, so it behooves you to attend if you can make it.

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