Fencing & Quarantine

Wall art, CVDA

Like most everyone (we hope…) we’re observing the quarantine as Covid-19 ravages the planet. It’s the most any of us can do, and it can make all the difference. Stay home, observe the personal distance protocols, and wash your hands.

Exercise, among other interruptions to our daily routines, can suffer during times like this, but it’s important to find ways to work out. This is as important for staying healthy as it is your sanity–motion is healthy. Since meeting to fence is off the table many people are eager for solo practice. If drills are dull, solo practice is worse, but it’s also important. Spending a few minutes a day, exercising that discipline, has benefits of its own, and!, you can start small. If you’re cooking or prepping food, for example, you can stretch, even get in some footwork. If you’re binging something on tele, stand instead of sit and do footwork, and if you have room, molinelli.

In the “About Us” section of this site, at the bottom, is a link to a pdf with a very basic, introductory set of solo drills. More advanced fencers can add to the short list of to-dos discussed there (e.g. I list three of the Radaellian molinelli, but my advanced students know all six and can do the rest as well). If you can get outside, a backyard, empty park, etc., do so–fresh air is good too.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and drill!

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