Alex Spreier and Sean Mueller on Razmafzar TV

In another wonderful interview Dr. Khorasani chats with two friends about the Art, Alex Spreier and Sean Mueller of High Desert Armizare, Bend, Oregon. These are two fencers I chat with frequently and fence with whenever possible.

High Desert Armizare, as the name suggests, began as a club working on the corpus of Fiore dei Liberi (ca. 1410). One of the wonderful things about _Armizare_ is that it was comprehensive. We see the tip of the iceberg in the surviving texts, but what we see covers everything from wrestling to mounted combat. Alex, who studied classical Italian foil and _Armizare_ with Maestro Sean Hayes for years, combines that solid training with the insight and intellectual nimbleness of a professional educator. It’s one reason that he is fascinated by the Art in toto, and, able to examine it effectively. Whether it is 15th cen. pole-axe in _Le Jeu de la Hache_, Zachary Wylde’s smallsword, Xing Yi Quan, or sabre, Alex dives in with passion, discipline, and proper rigor.

Sean Mueller, a long time student at HDA, is likewise universal in interest and skill. Like Alex, he’s no stranger to grappling arts—eastern and western—and his study includes everything from Fiore’s system to broadsword, Judo, smallsword, and the _bastone_ of Cerri (his blog on Cerri here on wordpress is excellent—see the “Links” page). A skilled jeweler by trade, Sean’s attention to detail, patience, and precision add to the intellectually responsible method he applies to the Art.

Their skill and passion, the joy really they find in exploring martial arts, is evident in this interview. I learn something whenever I chat with them and you likely will too. Here’s the link:

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