A Short Discussion on Radaellian Sabre

Yesterday I once again had the pleasure to chat with Dr. Manouchehr Khorasani on Razmafzar TV. This time we discussed the sabre system of Giuseppe Radaelli (d. 1882) and its legacy. I was lucky to have Mike Cherba from Northwest Armizare present to help demonstrate some of the key features of the system. In part 1 of the interview we discuss Radaelli, the works on his system, and his period. Part 2, coming soon, will share the demonstration portion.


Author: jemmons0611

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6 thoughts on “A Short Discussion on Radaellian Sabre”

  1. Hey Jim- Very engaging presentation on historical sabre. So much to know about the chronology and style evolution.


      1. Hi Jim- Yes! That is actually how I found your page. I was doing a random search for UCSB club fencing pictures, and I came across one that you has posted. It was the team photo from our championship year. Major blast from the past. Great to see that you took the plunge into all things fencing!


      2. JON!!! Holy cow, that is so cool! You know Dennis lives maybe 45 min from me; Tim Robinson is now a maestro (did you meet Tim, he may have shown up the year after, can’t remember).

        Hope you are well my friend!


      3. Dennis…that crafty cat. What is he doing now? I think Tim might have shown up after I headed out- the name isn’t familiar. Weirdly enough, I was looking for the UCSB fencing stuff for a video I had to put together for a black belt ceremony- just earned my first and only one at my ripe old age…:-)
        On a completely different subject, I have been looking to get a good starter smallsword for a few years now- any recommendations?


      4. He is working, renovating, and minding a toddler; still fences on occasion, and, has recently started building bikes again. He is doing well, really well.

        Congrats on the belt! Which tradition?

        For smallswords, there are a few options—Feather Smallswords are really nice, Silkfencing makes a model, and Castille Armory’s economy model is excellent. Zen Warrior, the other side of Triplette Competition Arms, has some inexpensive parts you can cobble together with an epee blade too (their crown guard, knucklebow, grip, and pommel work well for a later period smallsworsd, and substitute the knuckle guard three for the plain knuckle bow and you get a decent earlier hilt (bit small). Silk Fencing and AHF versions look like they were made ro accommodate a giant glove, but the Silk Fencing one is at least inexpensive (from € it’s still less than $100).


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