Borislav Krustev on Expertise

Having rid myself of the pernicious world of social media (save for messaging platforms and this website which I suppose counts) I’ve not been privy to the spark for this video response for Borislav, but I like what he has to say about “expertise.” It’s a topic I’ve covered here a few times, and for historical fencing it’s a difficult status to calculate. The value of the rubrics Borislav shares, however, are solid and worth consideration.

Roland Warzecha/Dimicator has done a lot for the community over the years. I’ve taken issue with some of his interpretations myself, but I honor the good work he has done and that he plays nicely with people (this I have heard from mutual associates who have met and fenced with him). Though I’ve spent time on the Walpurgis Ms/ I.33, I have no stake in this discussion and will, appropriately, stay out of it. I share this video for what Borislav says about expertise, about calcifying in one’s research, and because it’s important for each and every one of us to ponder.

Author: jemmons0611

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