I support open source and free access to scholarship, and so happily share my work when possible should it be of interest or help to anyone. I ask only that you cite it if you do.

Below are a series of lecture transcripts for talks, links, and other items on the history of fencing I have delivered, discussed, or written .


NB: Most of these have not been published via traditional means, i.e. within an academic journal or other publication. As a researcher who too often suffers the unfortunate reality of paywalls for such articles, I’m a big fan of open and free research, so in an effort to promote free access I share my work here.

Things to note:
–first, I do have academic and other credible, fencing researchers review these pieces before I share them. It’s part of the process and important
–second, because I do share my work here, it is open for review by other readers. Not everyone will agree with me, and that’s fine–if you present evidence or reasoned arguments that counter my conclusions; if you find flaws in my reasoning or gaps in sources; if your criticism is valid I will examine it and revise if necessary. If you leave your name I will credit you with the help and/or correction
–I have prepared these articles as if for publication. It’s a decent format and one most people are used to; I’m working on better ways to present images and text side by side in such articles–if you have suggestions for an improved process and presentation, please let me know

“Fundamentally, we have gone off the track…” [originally published in Fencers Quarterly Magazine 9:3 (Spring 2006), 26-28]

Lecture Transcripts:

“High Heels & Hokum: The Demi-Pointe Lunge in Historical Fencing,” 7 April 2021, delivered via Google Meet for Sala della Spada, Carlisle, PA, USA

“Prance or Pounce? Interpreting Images in Bolognese Fencing Treatises,” 10 June 2020, Northwest Armizare online meeting, Sherwood, Oregon, USA

“Parchment, Pommel-Strikes, and PDFS: How to Read Medieval Fight Manuals, Part I: The Art of Translation,” 30 March, 2019, Thundermark Armored Deed, hosted by Northwest Armizare, Sherwood, Oregon, USA


“Italian Sabre as Codified by the Radaellian School,” 5 April, 2022, Interview with Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani, Razmafzar TV:

“History & Principles of Smallsword,” 29 June, 2021, Interview with Dr. Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani, Razmafzar TV:

“Historical Fencing,” 23 April, 2021, Interview with Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani, Razmafzar TV:

I don’t have a lot of video, but what I have can be found here:

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