2nd Sabre Invitational Results

This past Sunday’s tourney, a small, experimental invitational sabre event, was a success despite a rocky start. We didn’t have internet, so the scoring program had to be used from a phone with hot-spot; the ring we had planned to use was in Canada; but we made do. Our rule-set lists a piste as well as a ring and so we went with that. It was honestly more comfortable for most people there, and sure made judging easier.

We learned a lot this year and will update the rule-set accordingly. There is also talk of putting together a beginner’s tournament, so a lot going on. Below are a few photos from the tourney.


Our finalists: (L to R) Patrick Bratton, winner of the Technical Award for Best Exhibiting the Art; Will Richmond, gold; Don Uy, silver; and Tim Duefrane, bronze.



Tim Duefrane (in black) vs. Patrick Bratton (in white); directing, Dennis Le, judges Richard Lowrey (grey knickers), Patrick Ma (black pants), and not pictured Vincent Chiu and Morgan Blackmore.



With a small event it’s easy to end early, so why not keep fencing?! Post-event pick-up bouts. In the foreground, Christopher Bigelow vs. Patrick Bratton; in the middle, Callie Jones-Esquire vs. Richard Lowrey.


More pick up bouts–here Hannah M. Switzer (green) and Vincent Chiu (white) square off. Patrick Ma waits in the background.

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